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About us

To ensure the correct operation and maintenance of .pt, under a technical management based on a stable and reliable service, pursuing a policy of technological innovation, oriented to the needs of the national community, in compliance with the law in general and, in particular, for privacy and protection of personal data.

To continuously promote the use of the internet at a national level, providing a service recognised as a reference and excellence to the community, counterparts and partners.

· Security
· Accountability
· Rigor
· Ethic
· Reliability
· Inclusion
· Responsibility

It was formally established on May 9, 2013 the DNS.PT Association, henceforth referred to as .PT, FCCN successor to the rights and obligations thus far by this pursued in the framework of the delegation made by IANA - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority on 30 June 1988 (RFC 1032, 1033, 1034 and 1591) and, in particular, the responsibility for the management, maintenance and registration of domains under the TLD (top Level domain) .pt, top level domain corresponding to Portugal as the result of legislative decision embodied in the Decree-Law 55/2013 of 17 April.

The DNS.PT Association is a private non-profit association and has as members FCT, IP - Foundation for Science and Technology, IP (FCT), Digital Economy Association (ACEPI) and Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (DECO).

This Association is committed to maintaining the standards of quality, reliability and security that the registration of .pt domain names has been securing these 25 years of existence, which are enshrined in its bylaws.

The multistakeholder governance and membership model enables a more efficient and flexible participation of the various actors interested which contribute to the growth and development of the top level domain of Portugal.


Find the bylaws here.