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Disputes through extra-judicial means

In the case of dispute over domain names, the registrants of these can agree to turn to institutionalised voluntary arbitration, within the terms of the Voluntary Arbitration Law. 

When registering a domain name, the registrant can agree to the arbitration convention with regard to the resolution of disputes over domain names, designating for that purpose, ARBITRARE - Centro de Arbitragem para a Propriedade Industrial, Nomes de Domínio, Firmas e Denominações (Arbitration Centre for Industrial Property, Domain Names, Companies and Company Names).

ARBITRARE is an institutionalized arbitration centre, with national scope, created in 2009 and a part of the network of Portuguese Arbitration Centres supported by the State, competent to resolve:
- Disputes arising out of Industrial Property Rights, .PT Domain Names, Trade Names and Corporate Names, subject to voluntary arbitration; and
- Disputes arising out of Industrial Property Rights, when reference medicines and generic medicines are at stake, subject to compulsory arbitration under Law no. 62/2011, 12 December.