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We are the flag of Portugal on the internet

COVID-19: initiatives supported by .PT

#ESTAMOSON: Government initiative that aims to be a practical guide to support citizens, families and companies in combating the effects caused by COVID-19.

#tech4COVID19: movement promoted by the Portuguese technological community that aims to support and streamline the fight against the pandemic in several ways.

Ajudar quem nos ajuda: initiative in partnership with WebHS registrar, which made it possible to offer .pt domains to all companies or projects involved in actions to combat, prevent or mitigate COVID-19, as well as all projects aimed at helping the general population, or risk groups in particular, affected by this pandemic.

Rede de Emergência Alimentar: it aims to allow taking food to those who need it and thus supporting those who have low economic resources and are unable to bear the cost of food that is usually delivered by social responses. It was structured from the Banco Alimentar in partnership with ENTRAJUDA and is based on social solidarity Institutions and other entities that provide support. It is a limited response in time, until the emergency situation in the country is overcome. 

MUDA EM CASA: initiative of MUDA that makes available videos and articles with suggestions, tutorials and useful links on how to work, learn, communicate, use public services, buy, access information and entertainment, health and well-being, banking and insurance, at home.

Cuida de Todos: initiative of the Ministério do Trabalho, Solidariedade e Segurança Social and the Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia Social that aims to raise volunteers to help in nursing homes.

SOS Digital: initiative of the Portuguese Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC PT) which aims to combat the digital inequality of young people and children in foster homes. 

Juntos vamos conseguir: JORNAL i published several works dedicated to ‘Heroes of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic’. The editions were accompanied by a space highlighted on the front page of the newspaper, in which, under the motto JUNTOS VAMOS CONSEGUIR!, they placed the logos of all those who join this campaign and, also in this way, to thank our ‘Heroes’.

Projecto Neumann: coordinated by the Rotary Club Lisboa Olivais, and supported by various entities, it aims to provide schools and students with equipment and connectivity for specific projects, through donations, and to collect current and good computer equipment for use by students at school.

University of Lisbon School of Law: donation of used laptops, for use by students.

e.compras com direitos: DECO initiative on consumer rights in e-commerce.

STAYAWAY COVID: Government initiative, which aims to identify potential exposures to people infected with Covid-19.

Lisboa Empreende +: program promoted by the Lisbon City Council, with the active collaboration of several entities, with the objective of supporting the city's businesses to face the negative effects of the pandemic.

Retoma Portugal: initiative of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which aims to support all Portuguese companies in this moment of return, aiming at the rapid recovery of the national economy.

Book "Disinformation in the pandemic": book that talks about disinformation in this pandemic context. In this book, you also get to know how the first days of the "pandemonium of the pandemic" were.

Unidos contra o desperdício: a movement that intends to draw attention to food waste, through a series of actions throughout the year, with the support of its founder.

II Global StopCyberbullying Telesummit: online event consisting of a series of videoconferences, dedicated to topics related to cyberbullying, transmitted on Facebook, Periscope and YouTube during October. 

Pact Against Violence: aims to formalize a network of entities that collaborated with the Office of the Secretary of State ofCitizenship and Equality and with the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality, in mobilizing responses from urgency and support for the work of the structures of the National Support Network for Victims of Domestic Violence (RNAVVD), in the context of the pandemic COVID-19.

"Trends 2021" book: book that talks about the trends for 2021, in the short term, in areas such as domain registration, cybersecurity, data science or intellectual property, and with the participation of .PT.

Aconchegar.pt: was born as a response to a need: to bring comfort to all who need it most. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed weaknesses, such as the lack of beds, in hospitals and rear structures. The objective is to contribute and help through the necessary materials, to provide more quality of life to people.

"The State of the Internet 2021" book: a book that talks about the state of the internet in 2021, and on topics such as data, privacy, Big Tech or fake news.