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Social responsibility and sustainability are areas of activity in which .PT marks its presence, contributing to the future of the planet and of future generations, thus .PT has been supporting initiatives that it considers should be welcomed for their recognised and relevant social function.




Pact Against Violence

As signatories of the Pact Against Violence, we will monitor the actions developed in this area. The Pact Against Violence aims to formalise a network of entities that collaborate with the Office of the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality and the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality in the mobilisation of emergency responses and support for the work of the structures of the National Network for Support to Victims of Domestic Violence (RNAVVD), in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

National Sustainability Award

.PT and Barra Barra (the .PT headquarters building) were distinguished with an Honorable Mention in the National Sustainability Award, in the Health and Well-being in Organizations category.

Built to function as a true digital space, Barra Barra (//) provides a set of infrastructures that favor the acquisition and reinforcement of digital skills, and the implementation of projects linked to innovation, aimed at both .PT employees and external entities.

Barra Barra (//) is a building with sustainable certification (Lider A certification) whose construction incorporated sustainable materials and more than 30% of construction waste. In this new building, LED lighting with high energy efficiency and presence system were installed, as well as equipment to reduce the use of water in taps, cisterns, and showers. The rehabilitation project incorporated components from the existing building, such as wood, stairs, stones, doors, and skirting boards, used natural and ecological materials - avoiding others that incorporated toxic products that could harm indoor air quality - and favored the use of products and materials with locally sourced and as durable as possible.

Digital Maturity Seal in Sustainability

.PT is the first entity to obtain the Digital Maturity Seal in Sustainability – Silver Level.

The Digital Maturity Seals implement one of the measures of the Portuguese Digital Transition Action Plan to promote the digital transformation of the economy. Companies that comply with a set of regulations and guidelines in line with best practices and European requirements can be certified, according to their level of maturity, in four dimensions: Sustainability, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Personal Data Protection and Accessibility.

Commitment Lisbon European Green Capital 2020 - Lisbon 2030 Climate Action

The .PT assumed the Commitment Lisbon European Green Capital 2020 - Lisbon 2030 Climate Action. To be at the forefront of achieving an agenda for sustainability we have to work as a whole. With this ambition Lisbon then launched the Commitment with an ambitious agenda for the next decade, under the motto CHOOSE TO EVOLVE: 2030 measures for 2030. Social responsibility and sustainability are areas in which .PT marks its effective presence, fulfilling the essential role that each entity should have in the future of the planet and of future generations. The new .PT headquarters will mirror, as described in this Plan, this intention not only to suffice but also to have a more sustainable and environmentally friendly performance. In this scope, a study will be carried out to evaluate the carbon footprint of the means (digital and physical) and of the services delivered, in order to make an impact evaluation, find solutions and define alternative behaviours in conformity with the principles of environmental responsibility to which the organisation committed itself.

Digital with Purpose 

.PT is one of the signatory entities of the Digital with Purpose movement, an initiative of the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GESI), that seeks to create more business value through Digital Technology, thus complying with the Paris Agreement and the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The movement believes in "a world where technology, innovation and collaboration can transform the riches of our planet." This year we will follow the actions developed within this movement.

We will promote and develop environment preservation practices with the team, such as the reduction of energy consumption, printing, recycling, use of sustainable and 100% Portuguese products, and also through the use of materials and equipment of the new .PT space. The new .PT headquarters, Barra Barra, mirrors a more sustainable and environmentally friendly performance.

Unknown Authors Exhibition 

The Unknown Authors Showcase is an initiative of the General Inspection of Cultural Activities (IGAC), which is part of the organization's social responsibility. This project takes the form of a competition and its main objective is to awaken the artistic vein of people from vulnerable environments (for economic, social or other reasons), thus highlighting the richness and cultural diversity of different origins.