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We are the flag of Portugal on the internet

Partnership Ecosystem

DNS.PT Assotiation mission is focused on the management, operation and maintenance of the registry of the top level domain .pt and, due to this, the promotion of the Internet in Portugal, which includes the necessary institutional collaboration and innovation.

The legal nature of .PT, its multistakeholder management and the principles embodied in its Bylaws are sufficient for a considerable part of the activity of the organization to have in base a work fruit of the collaboration with third parties, FCT, DECO and ACEPI, any entity part of the wide range of members of the Advisory Council or, finally, all those who come to us with projects and initiatives within our scope of action. 
LusNIC - Portuguese language ccTLD's association


An expression of common necessity and will has brought together the entities responsible for the management of Portuguese language ccTLD's, to reach an agreement on LusNIC’s formal constitution as a private law association whose object focuses on multi-lateral institutional cooperation amongst the Portuguese-language registries within the scope of their areas of operations.

LusNIC has brought together the competent entities responsible for the management, registration and maintenance of country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD’s) for Portuguese-speaking countries. These entities, also known as registries, represent: .br; (Brazil); .cv (Cape Verde); .gw (Guinea-Bissau); .pt (Portugal); .st (São Tomé and Príncipe); .ao (Angola) and .mz (Mozambique).

The .PT provides support, technical training, policy design and, in general, the creation of synergies in the area of DNS and the security and resilience of support systems to some of the members of LusNIC.

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CONFIO.PT: an accreditation stamp for websites

In order to promote good practices in e-commerce in particular, and in the use of the internet in general, to ensure the credibility of online stores and the security for consumers in online shopping, DNS.PT Association, ACEPI - Association for the Digital Economy and DECO - the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection signed a protocol under which they developed the CONFIO.PT initiative which culminate with the launch of the new trust brand on the internet, the CONFIO.PT

CONFIO.PT is a unique initiative at national level which, in addition to the partnership between the three Portuguese associations, includes a partnership with the European association Ecommerce Europe, through which is also available the European Digital Trustmark - the Trust Ecommerce Europe - that will allow Portuguese companies to present themselves in the international e-commerce market on an equal footing with their international counterparts, and thus take advantage of the enormous opportunities of a fast-growing industry in Portugal, Europe and the rest of the world. 

National Cybersecurity Centre

In the specific case of security, and in line with what is defined in the National Cybersecurity Strategy, we work closely with the National Cybersecurity Authority - the National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS).

Also within this scope are the actions of close collaboration with CERT.PT, a CNCS service that coordinates the response to incidents involving state entities, essential service operators, Critical Infrastructure operators and digital service providers.

Portuguese Foundation of Communications

In 2018, .PT has signed a protocol of collaboration with the Portuguese Foundation of Communications, which translates into the presence of the Portuguese ccTLD in the Communications Museum. With this partnership, .PT is recognized as a milestone in the history of communications in Portugal.

In 2021, .PT has a new interactive presence in the permanent exhibition of the Portuguese Communications Museum, highlighting the importance of .pt in the past, present and future of communications in Portugal. In this new space, visitors will be able to check if a certain domain name is available (for example, the name they would like to give to their .pt site), see the number of registrations under .pt in real time and learn more about .PT through the institutional video.

Security Operations Center - PTSOC

PTSOC is the Security Operations Center of .PT and aims to deepen the detection, response and prevention capabilities of cybersecurity incidents and threats and also enhance the levels of cooperation in the context of the domain name management ecosystem, in particular with the national authority, the .pt registrars and the user community, contributing to the preservation of a safe and reliable cyberspace under .pt.

ENSICO Association

.PT is a founding member of the ENSICO Association, which aims, in general terms, to promote and support the teaching of computer science at the level of compulsory education in Portugal. To this end, the Association proposes to promote and value computer science and contribute to its implementation as a fundamental and solidly established discipline in all compulsory education, promoting and increasing the level of confidence, motivation and qualification of teachers who are dedicated to the teaching computer science and promoting the quality of computer teaching, making it attractive to graduates in computer science and related fields.

Memorandum of Understanding .PT/Foundation for Science and Technology

.PT and the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The Memorandum formalizes the scope of support and collaboration that has guided the relationship between these entities, particularly regarding the promotion and development of citizens' digital skills under the national initiative INCoDe.2030. To this extent, the agreement specifically comprises a set of measures directed to five axes of action - Inclusion, Education, Qualification, Specialization and Research. The Memorandum also foresees the support and institutional involvement of the .PT in the creation and subsequent operation of the newly created E-Computation Association, whose object is to promote the teaching of computing at various levels in all compulsory education in Portugal.

.PT is partner of the national initiative INCoDe.2030, a program that aims to improve the positioning and competitiveness of Portugal, in order to ensure a prominent place in digital skills in the 2017-2030 period.


.PT is a member of APDC - Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications. In this context, .PT participates in the ICT Directory, conducted by APDC and IDC, which is presented annually during the APDC Congress.

"Memorandum of Understanding: Legal Offers" and "Live Streaming Agreement"

The .PT is involved, although impartially and technically credible, in the hosting and technical maintenance of the platforms that support the initiatives formalized via "Memorandum of Understanding: Legal Offers" and "Agreement Streaming Live". In both cases, the collaboration comes from the partnership, already started in 2013, with the General Inspection of Cultural Activities (IGAC).

Following the protocol with the National Scientific Computing Unit of the Foundation for Science and Technology, the DNS.PT Association provides the complete and updated list of domains registered under .PT, which is the basis of the Arquivo.pt service, which aims the preservation of contents available on the national Internet and its availability to the scientific community and the general public.

International Collaboration

Our collaboration also extends to representation as members and/or participants in working groups in organizations such as CENTR, ICANN, EuroDIG and IGF.