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Dora Miranda
.PT Communication Manager
.PT, the “language” of Portugal on the internet
Today is the World Portuguese Language Day, having been celebrated for the first time in 2020, after consecration by UNESCO in November 2019. 

The Portuguese language has approximately 280 million speakers, it is the 5th most spoken language in the world and the most spoken in the southern hemisphere.

.PT is associated with Portuguese culture and language.

With a .pt domain, it is more immediate for a company or national brand to be sought in this domain, it helps to locate the company/entity geographically at an international level and contributes to boosting the use of the Internet in Portugal. And why? Because we develop and support numerous initiatives to promote digital skills of the Portuguese people. 

At Sitestar.pt, an initiative developed by .PT and DECO, we challenge young students to develop original websites with content in Portuguese, at LusNIC - Portuguese language ccTLD's association we have gathered the Top-level domains of Portuguese-speaking countries to cooperate in different areas of intervention and promote the Portuguese language on the internet.

These are just two examples of the work done by .PT to place Portugal and the Portuguese language on the digital map. Learn more here and here.

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