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João Gomes
.PT Legal Advisor
Modern-day Tuaregs
It was the year 2020 and the houses were still being packed for New Year's Eve, a promising year full of positivity based on high levels of consumer confidence, falling interest rates, shy inflation, which today we are nostalgic for, and an increase in Portugal's competitiveness in the world, with tourism being the biggest driver of this phenomenon. Now that we have reviewed the state of the art in this little piece of land on the ocean, what could possibly obliterate such success? 

Well, dear friends, it was something that was only read or heard about in history classes, we went to bed one night certain that we had all our liberties and guarantees, and the next day we woke up with our movements hampered and our liberties limited. 

Good morning, my name is Corona Virus, but you can call me COVID-19, I'm going to stay here for a while. Like that friend who was supposedly couchsurfing, but by self-recruiting is letting himself stay and when we realize we have already made changes in our daily life, a direct consequence of this visigoth that came here and stayed here. 

It's exactly here that the crux of this article lies, all organisations had to make adaptations, in the way of working, how to work and where to work, suddenly we realise that it was possible to produce, work and be creative physically far from headquarters, but always digitally connected. Today it is difficult to answer where we are from, or where we live, this transformation in society, led us to change habits and the way of working, today it is the new normal to work hundreds of kilometres away from the physical location of the organisation. 

The recruitment market is now almost unlimited, there is no room for excuses as old as the Sé de Braga, "but it's so far away", "it's out of hand...", "I'm going to change my whole life...". This discourse only takes place in one place, in the past, if times change and we change with them, we are new, in turn if times change and we stay in the same place, we are getting old. 

Today we are witnessing a phenomenon called Digital Nomads, people who take remote work to another level, there are those who prefer the train desk while travelling between Oporto-Lisbon (forgive me the other routes), they prefer the cosy interior of their Transporter or the top of their Land Cruiser, some have a view to a business centre, traffic and chaos, they prefer a view to a cliff or a prairie.

If there's one person who knows how to get the most out of working remotely, it's the Digital Nomad. He combines all the physical surroundings of the environment, travelling, meeting new people, new customs and, amazingly, working at the same time. The greater the happiness and tranquillity of the collaborator, the more productive and of higher quality will be the fruit of his work. 

This new way of working is dear to me, since my first day at work I have been facing this scenario. I started my life as a worker in full confinement, being more than 300km away from the mother house where I was allocated, being in complete remote work going only occasionally to the physical place where I worked daily. Today, already in another house, the home of the Portuguese Internet, my relationship with remote work continues, however, and due to the end of the restrictions implemented during the pandemic, today it is possible for me to maintain a routine of greater proximity with the house that I represent, being in weekly physical contact with it. 

With this pandemic an almost perfect balance between personal and professional life has been found, today it is called the hybrid model, with which it is possible to maintain our daily life, even if we are hundreds of miles away from our workplace, without losing contact with our people, whether at work or at home.

That's why today we can say that our desk is the globe, the virtual village that is the world has become even closer, a digital ecosystem has been created that has changed our way of seeing the working world and organisations, and all this change is based on a relationship of trust between the organisation and the employee. Greater freedom entails greater responsibility and a mature respect for work, the mantra to retain is that greater freedom entails exactly the same proportion greater responsibilities.

"Choose a job you like and you will not have to work a day in your life"
Confucius 552 BC and 489 BC

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