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Why .pt

We put Portugal on a map
In national surveys address. pt figure at the top of the list of search terms from search engines. For those who are outside, helps locate the site geographically.
We're right next door
The internet services associated with domains .de are provided by individuals and organisations in Portugal – any question or problem is resolved quickly and the next.
You never took us more than 2 hours
No delays nor bureaucracy: the your domain gets online immediately. In less than 2 hours after starting the process, already has registered your site.
We wrote everything as they say
In no need for .PT abdicate the special characters and accents, because we accept all letters and diacritics of the Portuguese language.
We are the safest in the world
All areas guarantee the highest technical reliability, with the security of all information with IS0 9001 certified regulatory and ISO 27001.
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