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CONFIO trustmark presents new platform

CONFIO trustmark presents new platform
As of today, a new CONFIO trustmark platform is available, now integrating the role of Sales Agent, which will contribute to the seal's growth. 

Sales Agents are entities that carry out relevant activity within the scope of website accreditation, and that have extensive knowledge of the market and the respective target audience. Its objective is to raise CONFIO stamps to make the digital space safer and more reliable, also receiving a commission for each stamp collected.

The new platform allows:
- Easier management of user data (personal data, seal data, complaints);
- Automatic mechanisms for data validation;
- Reserved area for Sales Agents;
- 2-factor authentication;
- Automatic invoicing;
- Greater agility in the assignment and management of audits;
- Ease of exporting critical information for trustmark management.

To become a Sales Agent, please send an email to info@confio.pt, and you will quickly receive all the necessary information.

The CONFIO trustmark is an initiative of .PT, ACEPI and DECO, and is a guarantee for consumers when purchasing products and services through e-commerce and using the internet in general.

Learn more at www.confio.pt