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Marco de Almeida
.PT People Specialist (trainee)
International Human Resources Day
In a market as competitive and volatile as today's, the issue of people management is playing an increasingly important role in the direction each organisation wishes to take.

In this sense, the greatest value that any organisation can have is in its people. They are the true leader, they are the ones who "wear the jersey" and foster the values and philosophy by which an organisation is governed. As such, it is essential to create cultural foundations that link these same people to the organisational culture and business objectives.

It is true that I have only been at .PT for a short time and that I am in the condition of a trainee living his first professional experience. Nevertheless, at .PT I found a house that, besides being welcoming, cares about people's well-being and the conciliation between professional life and personal commitments of its employees. Managing people is exactly that. It is the incessant search for a model that translates into committed people, ethical leadership policies and the transmission of moral and cultural values. 

On a more personal note, the flexibility that distinguishes .PT allows me to conciliate the professional side with another passion I have, rugby, a sport in which I am a referee. In fact, there are many similarities between these two areas. The referee works exactly like a HR professional on the field, in that he has the duty to manage a panoply of situations that arise during 80 minutes of play. Being a referee is to create a relationship of trust with the players and to promote a healthy relationship between the various agents of a game, just like the HR professional, who has the duty to contribute to leverage the levels of commitment and, consequently, the performance of people.

In conclusion and on the eve of the International Human Resources Day, .PT reflects an innovative and integrating HR policy, betting on the development of the human capital of the organisation and promoting a pleasant work environment.

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