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We are the flag of Portugal on the internet


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WHOIS hmsportugal.pt

Registration Date2010-02-08
Expiration Date2021-02-08
RegistrantFCT - Unidade FCCN - Computação Cientifica Nacional
Av. do Brasil, no. 101, Lisboa, 1700-066 Lisboa, PT
Managing BodyDMNS - DOMINIOS, S.A.
DMNS - DOMINIOS, S.A., Parque Multiusos, Areal Gordo, Lote 3A, Faro, 8005-409 Faro, PT
dns@dominios.pt; mailmanager@dominios.pt
Nameserver informationdns1.host-redirect.com
hmsportugal.pt IN DS 23062 8 2 49A33F5A5688DCC0E424339C05F27BAF33A7FD10D869370A8E3CB008A76A7D16
hmsportugal.pt IN DS 23062 8 1 42EA0E5799B8935B8EA41FC1DC4C43672E672670
To register a new domain, or when performing technical amendments should resort to technical evaluator

With this tool you can confirm that the DNS servers indicated for your domain have been correctly configured.

By simply inputting the domain and IP address or name of the server, automatically confirms if it is properly configured or if, on the contrary, there is any technical irregularity. In the case of the latter, the irregularities are listed.

Domain to verify: nic.pt
IP or name of the primary server: or ns.pt.pt
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To register a new domain, or when performing technical amendments should resort to technical evaluator

With this tool .pt gives its users the opportunity of surfing the Internet using the Portuguese language in its correct form, making .PT one of the foremost TLDs in global terms.

For example, canção.pt instead of cancao.pt, making direct access to Portuguese domains clearer.

Registering a domain with special characters does not imply any changes to the way the registration is carried out. It is totally transparent for the user. However, in technical terms, it is necessary to carry out a slightly different configuration: configuration of these domains must be carried out in punycode form.

Punycode is the universal way of representing domains in ASCII format, whatever their original format.

In order to correctly configure the canção.pt domain in the name servers, the format xn—cano-ioax.pt must be used.

For the time being, only the following special characters in the Portuguese alphabet have been considered: (`) grave accent, (´) acute accent, (^) circumflex accent and (~) tilde. These characters only make sense when applied to the Portuguese language (à; á; â; ã; ç; é; ê; í; ó; ô; õ; ú).
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Domain: canção
Punycode: xn--cano-ioax