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I've just arrived at .PT: excited about this new challenge as Key Account Manager
Natasha Nazarali
.PT Key Account Manager
I've just arrived at .PT: excited about this new challenge as Key Account Manager
In addition to the trust and security of the service we provide, based on the appreciation of what is the national identity in the digital world, the context of accelerated technological evolution and the transition to digital has contributed to the growth of the domain name registration under .pt, which has seen consistent double-digit growth since 2013, being one of the fastest growing European ccTLds in recent years.

Focusing on our strategic pillars of action for the three-year period beginning in 2022, we are committed to strengthening our core activity, the registration and management of domain names. We recognise that registrars are key players in the success of this growth, so we want to continue to deepen the registry-registrar relationship through a more participative, innovative and present approach. 

This renewed positioning, which includes the reinforcement of the Business Service Team with a Key Account Manager profile, aims not only to continue to address agility and satisfaction in the relationship with the registrars, which already has high levels of recognition, as shown by the annual satisfaction studies, but above all to focus on identifying synergies, developing business growth opportunities and valuing the registrars' networking and know-how.

As Key Account Manager, these are the commitments that I will seek to deepen through a close relationship, with the clear aim of creating a solid basis for this collaboration, through an approach centred on four main dimensions:

1. Personalised communication: the commitment to open, transparent communication geared towards the specific expectations of each registrant. Recognising the importance of feedback and the needs of registrars sets the tone for a committed partnership based on trust.

2. Networking and Events: these interactions are essential for getting to know each other better and boosting knowledge and collaboration in the domain registration and management ecosystem, in a more informal and inclusive environment.

3. Tailor-made meetings: which offer a platform to discuss individual needs, challenges and opportunities, ensuring a personalised approach to collaboration.

4. Acting on feedback: actively seeking new approaches to collaboration according to the feedback received.

I am excited and committed to the challenges and opportunities of this renewed vision of the relationship with .PT registrars and I would like to count on you on this journey.

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